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Summer is here, but it’s not always easy to know the best look. What do you wear? The office can be hot and sticky, but if you dress too casually for work, people will think you don’t care about your job. And then all those social occasions call for something a little more formal than just shorts and t-shirts. How does one stay cool in style? Follow these five tips this summer:


A summer sport coat should be made from a bold pattern with multiple colors or a fresh and eye-catching jewel tone – so make sure yours stands out! You don’t want to blend in when the goal of dressing up is showing off. Plaids, checks, and bold windowpanes are perfect patterns for a summer sport coat.

They can be worn over a slim-cut shirt with a pair of complimentary jeans or chinos and a pair of leather drivers for a casual look that is stylish without being too “in your face.”

Colors in the lighter spectrum have always been popular in the summertime. Pale pink, green, yellow, and lilac can create a sophisticated and fun look in various combinations.

People in warmer climates tend to gravitate toward wearing light-colored clothing when they want to keep their cool. Dark colors attract heat, so you should stay away from them when they warm out. A great summer sport coat is made of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, and linen).

Find a few casual pieces that you can mix and match throughout the summer months. Think lightweight fitted jeans, plain, printed t-shirts, and pastel-colored polos.


Are you a guy looking for the right necktie? Do you have ties in your closet that are old, tired, and need to be tossed? If so, it’s essential you keep reading!

Ditching your old, tired, and outdated neckties is a necessary right of passage for any man. Donate to a local thrift store and find gorgeous neckwear with fun and exotic colors and patterns to replace them.

Donating ties is an effortless and positive thing to do. Other men who come across your donation will be thrilled at the chance to add them into their closet, even if you no longer like them.

Try to find neckties no wider than 3 1/2″ to stay modern and trendy while looking for bright colors or other design elements that will help you stand out from the crowd!

Remember, though, ties are like flowers. They start to wilt after a time, and it’s important to refresh your wardrobe often! This doesn’t mean you need to toss all of your neckties; make sure to donate them once they become too outdated for your current fashion tastes!

Are you wearing a sport coat with a t-shirt or polo? You’ll have to ditch the tie and get a fun pocket square instead!


Summer is a time for new beginnings, and this year summer starts with your wardrobe. As the weather warms up, you might be wondering what to wear when it’s not so cold out anymore. No need to worry about being too dressed up or underdressed, though, because there are plenty of choices in between that will keep you looking fabulous all day long!

In addition to ties, pocket squares and tie bars are fantastic ways of adding color and interest into your look without committing to wearing an entire suit.

Accessories can help take your outfit from blah to bam in no time at all. So don’t fear going bold!

Always be sure that no matter where you go wearing a sport coat or blazer, ALWAYS have a pocket square in your chest pocket! It’s the best way to show your style without wearing a necktie.


Most men are hesitant to wear color. But if you can get past the fear of looking like a clown (which you won’t!), there are some great options out there to try for this summer.

Micro stripes in cool pastels or bolder colors like turquoise and yellow may be just what you need to spice up your wardrobe. You don’t have to go all-in right away–try experimenting with one new shirt each season!

Remember: If you don’t love it, you won’t wear it. So take some chances with your shirt choices this season—you may discover a new color combination that’s become your new favorite. Coral, white, and mint? Yes, please!

Micro stripes in cool pastels or bolder colors like turquoise and yellow look great on anyone! Just make sure that you’re wearing the proper specific pieces that match your skin tone and hair color. And don’t be afraid to try layering lighter colors underneath darker ones for contrast and depth.


You don’t have to wear brown, black, or gray shoes this summer.

Different colors will help you stand out. Plus, it’s time to branch out from your standard lace-ups and try something new, like a lighter color loafer or driver! You might be surprised by what you find. Here are some of the most dynamic and fashionable colors for summer shoes: Tan, Chestnut, Camel, Burgundy, Light Blue, or Light Gray. You can choose from fabric, leather or suede, too!

There are so many options out there, even if you don’t think that any of these are your style.

It doesn’t just have to be loafers or drivers, either! You can wear any other shoes in a complementary or contrasting color. Just make sure you take time to match your socks to your pocket square (if applicable) so nothing looks out of place. So many colors are popping up, so it’s an excellent chance to try something new!

So say goodbye to your boring black loafers, and get ready for the summer with some colorful footwear!


If you want to stand out in a crowd this summer, be bold and bright! This summer, there are many colors and patterns to try in sport coats, polos, shirts, and accessories. Look for what speaks to your unique sense of style and make it your own! Don’t let people discourage you from trying new things; chances are they’ll love the new you.

So take a chance and try something new; I promise it won’t hurt one bit!

Want some help accessorizing this summer? Reach out below!


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