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Continuing my series of “How to Find The Best Wedding Tuxedo or Suit”, This week we’re going to talk about what styles can be worn to a few various types of wedding venues. I hope you enjoy!


You’ve found the person of your dreams, and now it’s time to find the perfect groom attire. Where will you tie the knot? The time and place of the wedding are crucial when hunting for your outfit, so here is an overview of what you need to know about finding clothes for a beach or exotic wedding.

For a beach wedding, you can’t go wrong with a casual linen suit. It’s chic, effortless, and will turn heads when you walk down the aisle. A white linen suit is an excellent choice for a beach wedding in the summertime.

Wedding on a yacht at night? A black dinner jacket will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit!

For an exotic wedding in tropical locations, think of bright colors! You can go for bold patterns or pastel colors. The choice is up to you, but consider that colorful outfits are more suitable for exotic weddings than conservative clothing.


Are you a groom planning to get married in the city? If so, there’s something you should know.

City weddings are likely to be at a church and will probably have a formal ceremony which means that if you want to look your best as the groom, then smart and traditional is what’s needed. Formal tuxedos and suits will suit the occasion best, and if you don’t have one, then it is time to consider getting one.

The church ceremony will be very formal, and there will be lots of pictures, so this is not an occasion for more casual looks like navy or light gray. As the groom standing in front of the altar, you want to look your best. And this means a tuxedo, a bow tie, and black dress shoes.


Casual weddings are a popular choice for many couples. Navy or midnight blue suits are trendy for informal weddings, but if you’re looking to stand out from the rest, these tips can help you nail down your perfect look.

If it’s an evening wedding, dark colors will fit nicely with the setting, and accessories like a necktie or pocket square in lighter shades of blue or pink (or matching the bridesmaid’s colors) add some contrast.

But if it’s during the day, when temperatures might be higher than average, stay cool by opting for light-colored suits and bright accents like a patterned shirt or flower corsage on your lapel. Remember that there is no one correct answer – find what works best for you!


When it comes to picking out the perfect suit for your wedding, there are a lot of details that need to be considered. The fabric and color choices should be easy enough, but decisions like style, lapel type, pockets, and trouser length can be daunting.

  1. Single-breasted with one or two buttons are the most common styles for wedding suits. If you decide to go with a double-breasted suit, make sure to get it fitted perfectly since they can easily look poorly fitted!
  2. For formal weddings, go with peaked lapels which point upwards towards your shoulder area. If you want something more casual, opt for notch lapels but run it by your bride-to-be first just in case she has other designs in mind.
  3. For pockets on your wedding tuxedo jacket, go more formal! Jetted pockets are made from the silky fabric your lapels are made from. No flaps or ticket pockets, guys! If you’re going with a more relaxed vibe like a two-piece suit, pick out something casual like a flap pocket or add a ticket pocket to hold her ring!
  4. The right length for your trousers is a small break in your pant leg. The perfect length is something that doesn’t come flying up when you sit down! Your pant leg should flow straight down from the hem of your jacket.
  5. No pleats or cuffs unless it’s an old-fashioned, formal affair. If you want to go the more classic route with pleats, opt for cuffs as well!


Regardless of your choice, you’ll likely be wearing something formal for the ceremony. So what’s the best type of suit to wear? What should you look for? And how do you make sure it looks good on you? The only real thing to consider is what kind of formality your wedding will be.

Formality: High, medium, or low?

High: A waistcoat as a three-piece black suit or tuxedo is excellent!

Medium: A two-piece suit is perfect for slightly more formal events.

Low: A single-breasted two-piece suit in more casual patterns and tones, or just a waistcoat and trouser, will do the trick if you’re more relaxed in taste and style.



Blue is the most common option when it comes to weddings. The color finds a home no matter the groom’s age or formality of the wedding. Different shades of blue work well for all seasons. Whether it’s a sharp, cobalt blue or a more relaxed, mid-tone shade, blue wedding suits always look amazing in photos!

A blue three-piece suit always looks brilliant on any man! You can choose an ivory waistcoat if you want to mix it up. This contrast looks fantastic and makes you stand out in photos!


Gray is one of the most versatile colors in fashion and can be worn for any wedding style, from formal to casual. The trick with choosing a gray suit is making sure it looks good with the bride’s color scheme and using those colors to accent your suit.

Light gray suits are trendy and can be worn in casual and formal settings. It’s an excellent choice for the groom who likes light and less severe colors.

Dark gray is best suited for weddings held during the night or when there will be low lighting conditions. The color tends to bleed into black in dimly lit rooms and looks quite striking against the traditional white of the gown.


You might think that a black suit instead of a traditional tuxedo is inappropriate for a wedding, but it may be a perfect choice. A dark color like black will highlight your best features. It can also help set off other colors in your outfit or on the bride’s dress.

If you’re still not convinced about getting a black suit, here are three of its benefits:

  1. It will make you look more formal.
  2. You will seem more mature and sophisticated.
  3. It will make you look slimmer.


First of all, it is essential to know what shirt style you want. What type of collar do you like? What kind of cuffs do you like, and will you wear cufflinks? Do you like lightweight or heavy fabrics, and will you wear an undershirt?

These personal likes are important to go over when designing your perfect shirt. Once you have these few critical points on the type of shirt you prefer, everything gets much more manageable!

  1. For collars, the most common style is a cutaway, so you have more room for a necktie or bowtie.
  2. Having an adjustable button is vital for cuffs if you want to wear a watch on one hand but still want to show your cuff beyond your jacket sleeve.
  3. If you’re wearing cufflinks, a french cuff is necessary. But if you want to repurpose the shirt for wear beyond your wedding, you can get what’s called a “convertible cuff,” which comes with cufflink holes and a button!
  4. To decide whether you want heavy or lightweight fabric, consider your resistance to hot or cold temperatures. If you sweat easily, a lighter shirt with an undershirt is excellent. If you love the desert, a heavier-weight cloth with no undershirt is good instead.

White is always the best option for a wedding shirt, but pink and light blue are also great choices depending on your wedding colors. For undershirts, almost anything white works since you won’t see its color come through.

For beach weddings, cotton is excellent, and linen is fantastic! There’s nothing like a slightly unbuttoned linen shirt on a groom for those perfect sunset beach photographs.

For cooler climates or more northern weddings, a dobby or pique cotton is beautiful and will have the strength and wrinkle resistance needed to make it through the day.



You want to get it right the first time. The shoes you choose for your wedding day are not something that should be left until the last minute. It’s a big decision and one that will likely set the tone of your entire look, so it’s worth doing some research ahead of time to find out what works best for you.

Shoes should be black, leather, and lace-up. Pointy or round toes should be chosen based on what’s most comfortable to the wearer. Remember, you’ll be in these shoes the better part of the day, so go for comfort as much as style where possible!

Almost every wedding shoe will be black, but if you’re wearing a navy or blue suit, a brown shoe will look fantastic. If you choose a lighter color for your suit, choose a complimentary shoe.

Your dress shoes should be shined and polished to perfection until they shine like mirrors! Patent leather dress shoes are available, but I don’t suggest them. Also, avoid shiny black shoes with light gray suits.


One of the most overlooked accessories on a suit is the pocket square. A white pocket square is an absolute must when wearing a formal tuxedo or mildly formal suit. It is the easiest way to add some pop to your outfit!

A boutonniere is a flower pinned to the suit lapel and worn at any formal event. It’s a great accessory and a throwback to the 1920’s heyday of gangster fashion. If you’re wearing a tuxedo, by all means, wear a boutonniere. However, don’t let that be your only time to wear a flower on your suit.


Neckwear is an integral part of the ensemble. There are various styles for you to complete your outfit with a perfect wedding tie, such as narrow or wide.

As for color options, your best bet without being over the top is a blue, ivory, or black tie. Bonus points if you can find a necktie or bowtie that matches the bridesmaid’s dresses. There are even more bonus points if you can get one made from the same material!

A seven-fold necktie is the epitome of luxury, a literal work of art because of the time and skill to fold and stitch and the quantity of fabric needed to make them. So if you can find one, do it!

If you opt to wear a tuxedo, black is the best option for a necktie or bowtie.


If you decide to wear a tuxedo for your wedding day, most grooms opt not to have belt loops on their trousers. A belt that compliments your shoes is an excellent choice for a less formal outfit like a two-piece suit.

If you’re wearing a waistcoat, then there’s a good chance that your belt won’t show, so it’s best to wear suspenders or side tab adjusters if you want to change the side of your pants halfway through the night.


You may be wondering what the best accessory is for your wedding. A quick tip: Its cufflinks! Cufflinks are the one thing that will make you look like a groom with swag.

Cufflinks are a perfect accessory because they can be worn with a tuxedo or a regular suit. You can even get your cufflinks etched with initials or your wedding date for that extra personality.

For the color of the cufflinks, it’s essential to match them to your belt hardware color (if you’re wearing one) or the color of your bride’s (or your!) ring.


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