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Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and supporting them can have a significant positive impact on your community. While larger corporations may offer convenience and lower prices, there are several compelling reasons to prioritize supporting small businesses instead. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of supporting self-employed people, the value of personal touch and care, and the rise of custom clothing as a way to prioritize longevity and quality over fast fashion.

Shopping Small – The New Cool Thing

Small businesses play a vital role in the economy, and supporting them can help create jobs, boost economic growth, and promote innovation.

When you shop with them, you are investing in the local economy and supporting people who are passionate about what they do. Most small business owners put their heart and soul into their work – I know I do! We are not just trying to pay our bills; we are pursuing our dreams and creating something we can be proud of and providing it to you with love and care.

As a small business owner, I’m comfortable speaking about my personal journey, but I feel that I can likely sum up the major advantages of working with me or any number of small businesses here in the States with just a few sentences. It’s easier, though, to stick with just one. We (small biz owners) offer unique products or services like handmade goods (custom clothing, accessories, and alterations in my case), artisanal food products (some of the best food I’ve ever had was from a “hole in the wall”), or other niche items you won’t find anywhere else (because mass production wouldn’t be profitable). Yeah, I cheated a bit to get that all into one sentence; but oh well!

Small Business Saturday Should Be Every Day of the Week

While this is a great initiative, small businesses should be celebrated every day of the week. Remember, they are the heart and soul of America, and they deserve our support year-round.

However, we’re also facing several challenges that larger corporations have placed against us. We sometimes operate with limited resources and may struggle to compete with larger companies that have more significant advertising budgets and brand recognition. Also, we don’t have the same access to financing as larger corporations, which can make it difficult for us to grow and expand.

Small Business Saturday may be a great way to highlight the importance of small businesses and encourage consumers to shop at local stores, but the reality is we need your support every day of the week. What better way is there to boost the economy than investing in and supporting people who are passionate about what they do?

The Value of Personal Touch & Care

When you shop small, you are much more likely to receive personalized attention and care. Owners of mom-and-pop shops are invested in their customers, and they take pride in providing excellent customer service. They are often more accessible than larger corporations, and they are happy to answer your questions and provide guidance.

The owners are also more likely to take the time to get to know their customers and build relationships with them. They may remember your name, your preferences, and your past purchases, which can create a sense of community and connection. This personal touch can make a significant difference in the overall shopping experience and can keep customers coming back for more. How cool is that?

I’m passionate about my products and services, and I’m happy to share my knowledge and expertise with my customers. I’ll gladly offer tips on how to wear my products, provide recommendations based on your needs, and offer guidance on how to achieve a particular look or style. This level of care and attention is not something you’ll find at larger corporations, where you’ll feel like just another faceless customer.

The Rise of Custom Clothing & The Death of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing that is produced quickly and cheaply, often using low-quality materials and labor practices that are harmful to the environment and workers. In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward custom clothing as people prioritize quality and longevity over fast fashion.

My custom clothing, on the other hand, is made to order, using high-quality materials and ethical labor practices. When you purchase from me, you are investing in a piece that is designed to last, rather than something that will fall apart after a few wears.

Custom clothing also offers the opportunity for personalization and individual expression. Together we’ll design a piece that is unique to your style and preferences. This level of customization is not something you’ll find at larger corporations, where clothing is mass-produced and designed to appeal to the widest possible audience.

As a small business owner and experienced tailor, I am passionate about providing personalized attention and care to my clients. If you are looking for high-quality custom clothing or alterations, consider booking time with me to receive the personal care you deserve.

By choosing to work with me, you are supporting a small local business and investing in your community. Your support allows me to continue doing what I love and providing excellent service to my clients. You will receive a piece of clothing that is made or altered with care and attention to detail, and you will feel good knowing that you have supported a local business owner who is passionate about their craft.

For all of you that have purchased clothing or had me do alterations for them over my 31 years of tailoring service, I thank you! To those that are just now reading this and are deciding whether or not to work with me, I’m humbled and honored to even be considered, and I can’t wait to meet you!


I provide full-service custom clothing & alterations, customized by and for you.

Searching for a place you can trust for custom suits, tuxedos and formal wear, jackets, shirts, jeans, and alterations? What about a tailor that creates custom clothing for women as well as men?

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